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Welcome to Capital Carpet Cleaning!

Capital Carpet Cleaning is the newest member of the Whittaker Smart Care® System, and includes three counter-rotating brushes for maximum mechanical action, an integrated collection hopper for debris pick-up, landing gear to protect the brushes when not in use, a low fatigue machine-mounted solution tank, and lite-touch control for ease of operation. Choose from the 15 inch or 20 inch version, depending on your cleaning environment and productivity needs.

Happiness arrives with a good carpet that stays clean in your house, however, to ensure the health of the carpet remains good you need to take care of it. There are two methods which you can adopt to clean your carpet – dry carpet cleaning and steam carpet cleaning. Both of these techniques are beneficial for your carpet but one tops the other.

We pride ourself on providing A1 service to our value customers. With over 20 years of infield experience,we are confident that you will find our service exceptional.